Undergraduate Programs

Program Requirements

All Christian ministries studies majors will be required to complete two supervised Christian ministry field experiences. The Ministry General Practicum (CMS 2010) must be in a local Chicago city-centered church context not your own. The internship (CMS 4970) must be either a full-time summer placement or a part-time, nine-month placement during the school year in a church, para-church, or community-service setting.

Major Requirements

48 hours of major coursework
24 Core Curriculum credits
120 total credits for graduation

Prerequisites and Supporting Courses

12 semester hours:

PSYC 3150 Developmental Psychology (4sh)
BTS 2600 History of the Church (4sh)
BSE 3510 Principles of Management Leadership (4sh)

Required Core Courses

24 semester hours minimum:

CMS 1510 Introduction to Christian Ministries Studies (4sh)
CMS 1600 General Church Ministry Practicum (0sh)
CMS 2000 Jesus, Discipleship & Making (4sh)
CMS 2450 Global Mission in the Bible and World (2sh)
CMS 3000 Vital Issues of Ministry in City Centers (2sh)
CMS 3150 Pietism & the Evangelical Movement (2sh)
CMS 3610 Sacred & Embodied Habits of Leadership (4sh)
CMS 4000 Evangelical Practical Theology (2sh)
CMS 4260 Biblical Formation on Location [capstone] (4sh)

Ministry Specialization Core Courses

12 semester hours:

CMS 4350 Introduction to the Area of Ministry Specialization (4sh)
CMS 4710 Programming for the Area of Ministry Specialization (4sh)
CMS 4970 Internship in the Area of Ministry Specialization I (2sh)
CMS 4971 Internship in the Area of Ministry Specialization II (2sh)

The information on this page provides only a suggested schedule. Actual course selections should be made with the advice and consent of a faculty advisor. While accurately portraying the information contained in the college catalog, this page is not considered a legal substitute for that document. Students should become familiar with the catalog in effect at the time in which they entered the institution.

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