Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science in Physics has been discontinued and is no longer accepting new students.

3/2 Physics/Engineering Option

Gain the experience and abilities that will make you a highly employable graduate with a broad skill set. This in-demand area of study will give you a background in general engineering knowledge while exposing you to many specialized fields of engineering, technology, and application. At North Park, we offer several options to prepare for graduate school or a career in engineering; among these is our “3/2” approach through which you will earn bachelor’s degrees in both physics and engineering in 5 years.

Why Choose North Park?

North Park’s “3/2” approach gives you a competitive advantage over traditional engineering programs by grounding you in a liberal arts education where you’ll learn to think critically, reason through complex problems, and communicate with people from all walks of life. This “engineering-plus” program boasts a nearly-perfect placement rate to accredited programs in a number of specialties, including electrical, mechanical, civil, and geophysical engineering.

Graduates of the 3/2 program have gone on to engineering master’s and doctoral programs, as well as careers in a wide range of engineering fields, product management, medical consulting, research and development, and teaching. They now work all over the world, like at Nike, Rockwell Automation, the U.S. Navy, Argonne National Laboratory, and Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

How It Works

During your three years at North Park, you will complete all of your general education classes in addition to basic coursework in the physics department for an engineering degree. Once you have satisfied those requirements, you’ll transfer to an engineering program in an area of specialization of your choice for your two remaining years. When you complete a BS in engineering from the engineering school, you’ll also be awarded a BA in physics from North Park.

Meet the Faculty

Engineering students are a part of the physics family and study with dedicated faculty who are committed to helping their students follow their passions. Professors Johnny Lin, Linda McDonald, and Stephen Ray will walk alongside you as you complete the physics and general education curriculum, find research opportunities, and apply for the accredited engineering program of your choice to complete the 3/2 program. Meet the faculty.

Engineering Program Requirements