Undergraduate Programs

Program Requirements

By completing the 3/2 engineering program you will receive a bachelor of arts in physics from North Park and a bachelor's degree in engineering from another school. The program consists of three years at North Park, after which you will transfer to an accredited engineering school to complete your studies.

We recommend that you take the following courses while at North Park:

  • PHYS 1210, 1220, 1330, 1510, 2110, 2510, 2520, and 3310
  • MATH 1510, 1520, 2030, and 3100
  • CHEM 1150 and 1160
  • All of the North Park Core Curriculum requirements.
  • In order to fulfill all the requirements of a bachelor of arts in physics, you will transfer courses back to North Park after completing your coursework at the accredited engineering school.

Click on the course area prefixes (PHYS, MATH, CHEM) above to find course descriptions for each of these subject areas. You can also find all program requirements and course descriptions in the North Park University catalog.