Engineering, BA

Why Study Engineering?

From smartphones to transportation to environmental sustainability, advances in technology are all around us. Be on the cutting edge of innovation with a background in engineering that you can apply in a wide range of careers. Whether you are in the boardroom or laboratory, you’ll be prepared to understand developing technologies and appreciate the cultural, political, and economic impacts of new products and scientific advances. As an engineer or a professional with an engineering background, you will be able to adapt to rapid changes in industry and be part of shaping society’s future.

Faculty Spotlight:
Dr. Stephen Ray

Dr. Stephen Ray is an engineer and educator working towards improving the environment and STEM education. He joined the North Park faculty in 2014, teaching physics and engineering as well as serving as the director of sustainability.


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Interesting Classes

Choose from unique courses like Modern Optics, where you’ll study electromagnetic basis of light, or Dynamics, which presents classical mechanics of particles and moving coordinate systems.

Program Requirements

Double Major

Our bachelor’s degree in engineering is a perfect complement to other undergraduate majors, offering a strong focus on science and technology that can be applied in many careers. For example, business and economics majors can benefit from engineering so they can better assess the effect of technology in a global marketplace. Sociology majors may enrich their research with an understanding of the technology behind forces that shape modern society.

Research and Internships

The BA in engineering does not require additional research or internships, but many students will find these experiences beneficial as they explore careers and graduate school options. The Physics and Engineering Department and North Park’s Career Development and Internships Office will both work with you to find the best research or internship opportunities to match your goals.

Pre-Professional Preparation

An interdisciplinary double major that includes engineering is excellent for students who envision pursuing graduate study. You can partner with a biology or chemistry degree in preparation towards medical school. Students pursuing a path toward law school will find engineering a valuable asset in the growing field of technology litigation. Nearly all professionals are faced with decisions about the effective and appropriate use of new technologies.

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