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Alumni Profile: Kyle Edwards

Kyle Edwards, Exercise Science alumnus


Exercise science major Kyle Edwards ’12 experienced a seamless transition from the classroom to an internship to a job as an athletic trainer.

From his classes, he gained the scientific knowledge necessary to achieve his goal of becoming a personal trainer to athletes, including human anatomy and how the body works. As he moved into upper-level courses, he received in-depth instruction on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines to becoming a certified personal trainer—the industry-specific professional knowledge he would need to enter and succeed in the field.

After Kyle landed an internship at Fit Code Performance (previously called Athletic Edge Sports Performance until the company was sold during Kyle’s internship), he provided training to a range of athlete clients—from 8-year-olds to high school students to college volleyball players to arena and semi-professional football players.


“My classes prepared me,” he said. “It was so easy to transition from the classroom to an everyday job because I was doing such hands-on work with athletes. Professor Hjelm especially prepared me for working in the real world. It seemed like second nature in terms of the knowledge I had and how to perform.”

Kyle had secured the internship in August 2012 after a referral from former North Park basketball player and exercise science major Kendell Greer ’12, who also works at the company. Under Kendell’s mentorship, Kyle provided athletes with plyometrics, speed training, strength training, agility training, and conditioning. He also learned the ropes—everything from how to interact with the clientele and their families to how to create programs and go about everyday training.

“It was such a smooth and easy transition from the classroom to real life,” he said. “It’s like I’ve been training athletes all my life.”

After graduating from North Park in December 2012, Fit Code contracted Kyle to continue training at their facility while he works toward becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS). “My overall goal is to train high-end athletes,” he said. “I am already on my way.”