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Alumni Profile: Tait Swenson


“My North Park education was extremely important in preparing me for what I do now,” says Tait, who serves as a data scientist for Seagate Technology, one of the world’s largest digital storage companies. Tait’s professors “taught me the physics and math tools that I use on a daily basis,” he says, “but just as important, they focused on the real-life critical thinking skills required to solve those problems.”

The benefits of Tait’s North Park education were obvious to him when, after graduating, he went on to complete a master’s degree. “It was very clear from early in my first grad school semester that the expectations and requirements of North Park’s physics department had put me at a distinct advantage for my future endeavors,” he says.

Tait describes his career as a data scientist as “part analyst, part artist,” looking through data and information to spot trends, while understanding the underlying physics of the work. “The well-rounded education provided by North Park equipped me to become a successful leader in the workplace,” he says.