Theatre (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre has been discontinued and is no longer accepting new students. Students may complement another major with a minor in theatre.

Why Study Theatre?

Explore the wide reaches of human experience and culture through storytelling and production. You’ll take risks, create, innovate, and challenge yourself and your audiences as you discover your own passion for communicating from the stage. Theatre majors are actors, writers, directors, and technicians alike. You’ll engage your critical thinking and active problem solving skills while creating a piece of art that invites the world into your conversation.

North Park Theatre Company

Our on-campus company is made up of dedicated students, both theatre majors and non-majors, who love to put on a show. Students are the stage managers, marketers, actors, props masters, designers, writers, producers, directors, and technicians. With faculty guidance, the company stages at least three shows each year, inviting the North Park community to take a seat and enjoy the show.

Meet the Faculty

Chad Eric Bergman has created a new curriculum for North Park’s theatre program, using Chicago’s storefront theatre model as a way to teach students the full spectrum of work involved in staging a show, a practice he calls “making magic with very little resources.”

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Where Our Alumni Work

North Park’s theatre alumni are active in both stage and film productions all over the country, including at Chicago’s Barrel of Monkeys and Akvavit Theatre, at Basher Films/Prehistoric Digital in Los Angeles, and in various theatre roles in St. Louis, Mo., Chicago, Los Angeles, and Europe.

This Season at North Park Theatre

Our theatre company puts on multiple performances each year, including plays in the fall and spring and a one-act festival in the winter.

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Chicago’s vibrant theatre scene offers many opportunities for you to gain valuable experience and learn the ins and outs of the theatre business. Students have recently interned at places that include Lookingglass Theatre Company, the American Theater Company, and Barrel of Monkeys, among others.

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Storefront Theatre

North Park University’s theatre program is developed around a storefront model of production. Utilizing small venues—like converted storefronts—companies create intimate spaces that require innovation and creativity to put on a show. Like small production company members, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the full spectrum of what it takes to put on a production: building sets, writing scripts, stage managing, operating sound and light boards, designing props, and more. Professor Chad Eric Bergman emphasizes that these skills are what budding theatre professionals need as they start work in the professional world

Interesting Classes

Be prepared for a career in theatre and production by taking a wide range of courses, including:

  • Theatre Design
  • Acting
  • Directing
  • Dramatic Writing
  • World Theatre and Drama

Theatre Scholarships