Undergraduate Programs

Why Study at North Park?

North Park University offers a different kind of college experience. We are more than a great liberal arts and sciences university in a world-class city. We are a diverse faith community that is striving to lead Christian lives of significance and service. That unique mission permeates everything we do and everything we study, from biology to poetry to macroeconomics.

A Foundation for Success

A broad liberal arts and sciences education is the best preparation for navigating a complex and changing world. Whether your goal is to become a nurse, a software programmer, or a youth pastor, you will benefit greatly from a broad intellectual foundation in literature, languages, social sciences, life sciences, math, and the arts. That is exactly the kind of interdisciplinary immersion you will receive at North Park.

By taking classes in a wide range of subjects and disciplines, you will make unexpected connections between psychology and ancient mythology, social justice and urban ministry. You will graduate with the critical ability to analyze a problem from multiple and competing perspectives, develop novel solutions, and communicate those solutions in a clear and compelling manner. Those are skills that will serve you well in every career.

One City, Many Voices

North Park is a Chicago university and we take full advantage of the cultural, academic, and professional resources right in our backyard: world-class art museums and science centers, award-winning theater companies, top-tier businesses, and best-selling authors. Our students participate in internships in some of the most innovative and influential companies and nonprofits in the nation. The city is your classroom.

Chicago is a diverse place and we’re proud to call it home. We draw students from all the city’s neighborhoods — and from all over the world. Cultural and ethnic diversity is one of the hallmarks of our community. We are a Christian university that welcomes students of all faiths. This rich multiculturalism brings depth to classroom discussions and promotes greater understanding and respect.

The Big Questions

Perhaps the biggest difference between North Park and other great liberal arts institutions is that we relate everything we learn back to the big questions. What kind of person do I want to be? How do I live out my faith? How can I serve others and be a better disciple of Christ? Some of that discussion happens in the classroom, but much of it occurs within North Park’s rich co-curricular life: student clubs and organizations, visiting speakers, service projects, and worship. We are a community that learns together and grows together.

Visit North Park

The best way to understand the North Park difference is to see it for yourself. Schedule a visit or attend one of our NPU Preview Days. You can even sit in on a class or meet with a professor. Contact us for more information.