Undergraduate Admissions

Sponsor a Covenant International Scholar

This scholarship program supports the development of indigenous church leadership of the mission churches of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC). Students receive a full-tuition scholarship, while living expenses (approximately $11,000 per year) are provided by sponsors (individuals, churches, or Covenant departments conferences).

In addition to the formal education these students receive, their North Park University experience provides opportunity to establish beneficial relationships among future leaders of the global Covenant church.

  • A limited number of full tuition scholarships are available.
  • The student must be recommended by the indigenous mission church of the Covenant and be affirmed by the Executive Minister of World Mission of the ECC or the Director of Covenant World Relief.
  • Students must originate in countries where there are limited educational opportunities or financial resources available to students.
  • Students will follow normal procedures for completing and submitting an application for admission.
  • Each student must be sponsored financially by an individual, a Covenant entity, or a local church in an amount sufficient to pay for room, board, insurance, books, travel, and personal expenses for the duration the student's study at North Park University. This is currently estimated at $11,000 per year. The sponsor will also cover summer living expenses. (Students have limited work opportunities while in school.)
  • Students receiving a Covenant International Scholars Program grant are expected to return and contribute to the life of their country of origin.

For information about how you can support or sponsor a student in the Covenant International Scholars Program, contact Mark Olson at molson@northpark.edu or (773) 244-5574.