Undergraduate Admissions

Norwegian Transfer Students

General Studies Vg3 College Preparatory Curriculum

For students completing the general studies Vg3 college preparatory curriculum (general studiekompetanse) or an IB program with an average of 4.0 or above, upon admission, North Park University will grant 30 transfer credits from “Norway Programs for General Studies Vg3” or from an IB program.

  • Based on a review of the student transcript (s), credit will be either elective credit or applied to meet specific North Park Core Curriculum course requirements.
  • If a student is in an IB program, this policy takes precedence over the North Park IB policy and students will be awarded 30 transfer credits.
  • When a student declares their major, normally during the first or second semester at North Park, he or she may request that specific transfer courses be applied toward requirements of the major or toward it’s prerequisites.
  • The Modern Language Requirement of North Park may be met in one of the following ways:
    • Satisfactory results from the mandatory North Park English exam for all new students.
    • Satisfactory completion (Grade “D” or above) of any English courses taken at North Park which is required after unsatisfactory results from the mandatory North Park English exam.
    • Application of modern language courses taken during the final year of high school (grade of 2 or above). If the language was English, this is subject to the first bullet point above.
    • Completion of two semesters of modern language study at North Park.

After arriving at North Park, a student may request a new transcript review to determine if it is possible to convert any of the general elective credits granted by North Park to specific Core Curriculum course credits. A student may be required to demonstrate competency through specific testing, and the student will be responsible for any expense required (such as CLEP). If approved, the appropriate course(s) will be converted from general elective credit to the appropriate course meeting Core Curriculum requirements. Such appeals must be completed by the end of the first semester of enrollment at North Park University.

Please note: When calculating a GPA for a North Park University transcript, North Park does not include grades from transferred courses.

University-Level Coursework

Students who have taken university-level classes following graduation from upper secondary school should submit the appropriate transcript(s) to North Park for review.

Vocational Studies

For Norwegian students who pursued vocational studies in grades 11, 12, and 13, and have pursued an additional year of studies to prepare for university, North Park University will grant 30 semester hours of credit (equivalent to one year) for courses taken during the last year (the 14th year) of studies, pending satisfactory grades and a transcript review.