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Noteworthy Alumni

Every year, North Park recognizes alumni who lead lives representing the mission and spirit of the University. Selection of award recipients is daunting due to the high caliber of our alums. We welcome recommendations for these Distinguished Alumni Awards throughout the year, which may be submitted using our nomination form. All nominations will be carefully considered.


The Distinguished Senior Award is given to a male and female graduate from the undergraduate programs at the spring honors convocation. The award recognizes students who have achieved academic excellence, participated in student leadership activities on campus, and have been active in serving the larger community.

Award Recipients

The Distinguished Young Alumni Award, established in 2002, is given to a recent graduate of North Park University in honor of early professional achievement and community involvement.

Award Recipients

The North Park Academy Distinguished Alumni Award, established in 2010, honors alumni of North Park Academy who have achieved significant accomplishments professionally and who have lived a life that is in keeping with the core values and mission of North Park University.

Award Recipients

The North Park University Distinguished Alumni Award is given each year to an individual who has achieved significant accomplishments professionally and who has lived a life that is in keeping with the core values and mission of North Park University.

Award Recipients

  • 2018 Roy Applequist C’68
  • 2017 Paula Devitt C’77
  • 2016 Dr. Janice Phillips C’76
  • 2015 Megan (Streedain) Tamte C’95
  • 2014 Thomas S. Bagley C’74
  • 2013 Colin Kihnke C’93
  • 2012 Joyce Nelson C’72
  • 2011 Dr. Young Song Kim C’51
  • 2010 Robert A’58 C’60 & Janet (Strom) Thornbloom A’56 C’60
  • 2009 Dr. Kathryn Edin-Nelson C’84
  • 2008 Dr. Dana Johnson C’70
  • 2007 Claudia Freed C’85
  • 2006 Kathy Holmgren C’69
  • 2005 Michael Harper C’80
  • 2004 Larry Anderson C’71
  • 2003 Rev. LeRoy M. Johnson C’54, S’60
  • 2002 Donna Anduri Erickson C’71
  • 2001 Dr. Roger JC’51 & Eileen JC’52 Thorpe
  • 2000 Stanley F. Helwig C’51
  • 1999 Bruce P. Bickner A’61
  • 1998 Jimmie R. Alford C’66
  • 1997 Dr. Timothy E. Johnson C’64
  • 1996 James L. Engwall C’63
  • 1993 Marvin Curtis C’72
  • 1991 G. Timothy Johnson JC’56, S’63
  • 1990 Norma Brandel Gibbs JC’45
  • 1989 Dr. Kevin Leman C’65
  • 1988 Dr. Leland P. Solie C’63
  • 1987 Dr. Theodore W. Anderson, Jr. JC’37
  • 1987 Rose Edin JC’55, S’57
  • 1987 C. Donald Peterson JC’37
  • 1986 Dr. George Lundberg JC’50
  • 1986 Marilyn J. Peterson JC’57
  • 1985 Craig W. Nelson JC’51, S’57
  • 1984 F. Burton Nelson JC’44, S’48
  • 1984 Patricia Pearce JC’52
  • 1983 Alf Jacobson JC’48
  • 1983 Paul J. Larson JC’33
  • 1982 Dr. William B. Stromberg A’40, JC’42
  • 1982 Evans R. Billington A’37
  • 1981 Dr. Olga Jonasson A’51
  • 1981 Nils William Olsson JC’31
  • 1981 Douglas Cedarleaf JC’39, S’41
  • 1980 Philip Liljengren JC’30
  • 1980 Rodney Rood JC’35
  • 1979 J. Irving Erickson JC’37, S’41
  • 1979 Myrtle Erickson A’39, JC’41
  • 1978 Dr. Arden Almquist S’42
  • 1978 Berne A. Schepmen JC’47
  • 1977 Louis J. Person JC’26, S’31
  • 1976 Alfred J. Behrens JC’39
  • 1975 Theodore M. Hedstrand A’39, JC’41
  • 1974 Robert V. Thonander JC’37
  • 1973 Virginia M. Ohlson A’31, JC’33
  • 1972 Capt. Paul Johnson JC’48, S’52
  • 1970 Albin H. Erickson JC’31
  • 1970 Sally Carlson Olsson JC’33
  • 1968 Harold W. Jacobson A’29, JC’31
  • 1968 Donald C. Peterson JC’50
  • 1968 Paul A. Varg JC’32
  • 1967 Paul M. Lund A’41, JC’43
  • 1967 Henry F. Schiele JC’42
  • 1966 Roger E. Anderson A’38
  • 1966 C. Albert Carlson A’15
  • 1966 Paul Gerden A’32
  • 1966 Fred W. Moeckel JC’49
  • 1965 J. Paul Bennett A’15
  • 1965 Isaac W. Jacobson S’02
  • 1964 Paul W. Brandel A’28, JC’30
  • 1964 Clifford G. Erickson A’32, JC’34
  • 1964 Nathaniel Franklin, Comm. A’06, S’09
  • 1964 E. Gustav Johnson A’26, JC/S’29

The North Park Theological Seminary Distinguished Alumni Award is bestowed each year to an individual who has made significant contributions in their field while living a life reflective of the core values and mission of North Park Theological Seminary. The inaugural award was presented at the 2014 Midwinter Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, held in Chicago.

Submit a nomination for the North Park Theological Seminary Distinguished Alumni Award here.

Award Recipients