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May 15, 2020

Facebook Live and Instagram Live Roll-Calls Class of 2020

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Every state, every school—from A to Z—celebrated high school and college 2020 graduates on Facebook Live and Instagram Live. A commencement address by Oprah Winfrey was joined by other celebrities including Usher, Matthew McConaughey, and Jennifer Garner. When it was Illinois turn, North Park University was joined by Northeastern Illinois University in celebrating its 2020 graduates. Also featured for Illinois was Chicago Public Schools CEO Janice Jackson and the Special Olympics. Jackson expressed that the 2020 graduates represent a unified generation.

The live event, focusing on being all about the students, reiterated the strength and resilience of the 2020 graduating class. “You made it. You graduated. Don’t take that lightly. Do it with conviction and do it with integrity,” said Usher.

In a video featuring North Park’s School of Education, Dr. Rebecca Nelson congratulated the graduates from the School of Education and the entire North Park class of 2020, offering her best wishes.

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