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Commuter Students

Frequently Asked Questions

If it’s my first-year at North Park, do I need to come to orientation?

Yes! Threshold, our orientation program, is for both resident and commuter students. This is where you’ll get your student ID, finalize any administrative details, take placement tests, and meet all your classmates who are also at North Park for the first time. We’ve also got a special commuter student welcome event with ice cream floats and free North Park swag!

Where can I put my stuff when I’m on campus?

If you have too much to carry around all day, you can rent a locker in either Brandel Library or the basement of the Johnson Center. Stop by either the library’s circulation desk or the Center for Student Engagement during business hours for more information and to rent one.

  • Library: 52 lockers; Johnson Center: 45 lockers
  • Can be checked out for an academic year
  • $15 deposit when checking out; returned when student returns the locker key

What should I do in between classes? Where can I meet with a class project group?

North Park’s campus is full of small and large hangout and meeting spaces. Brandel Library has study carrels, group study rooms, comfortable chairs and couches, worktables, and more—it’s the perfect place to study on your own or with a group. Added bonus: you’ll be surrounded by all the research tools you’ll need.

Other spaces to hang out during your downtime include:

  • The Johnson Center — couches, tables, and booths galore are available in the first-floor Bickner Bistro, and there are also comfortable workspaces, and small lounges all over the building
  • Carlson Tower Lobby — a great place for a quick break between classes
  • Viking Café — not only a grab-and-go store, there are plenty of chairs, tables, and big-screen TVs
  • Java Haus — in the basement of Burgh Hall, this student-run coffee and snack shop is open late and is the prime location for student performances and open-mic nights
  • Burghatory — also in the basement of Burgh Hall, Burghatory has both a study space and a rec room with pool and ping pong tables
  • Magnuson Campus Center — the first floor is home to a small lounge room with vending machines, a change machine, and a photocopier; the campus dining hall is on the second floor
  • In the dorms or apartments with your on-campus friends — befriend students that live on campus and you could have a comfortable place to kick back, enjoy a coffee, play a board game, or whatever your friends are into (during visiting hours, of course)

If I don’t have a student meal plan, what are my on-campus dining options?

North Park has some nice dining options: The dining hall in Magnuson Campus Center, Bickner Bistro and Einstein Bros Bagels, and Viking Café. There is also a Flex Dollar credit system linked to North Park ID’s that students can use at all of the locations. Read more about Campus Dining.

Are there microwaves that I can use on campus?

Yes, there are community microwaves in Viking Café and Brandel Library’s vending machine room on the first floor.

Is there a downloadable campus map?

Yes! View and download campus map.

How do I get to campus?

We have detailed directions to campus if you are planning on driving. North Park is about four blocks north of both the Kedzie and Kimball Brown Line stops, and is also easily accessible by the Foster (92), the California-Dodge (93), and Kimball (80) bus routes.

Can I park my car on or near campus?

If you are planning to drive to campus, read over North Park’s Parking Regulations and Procedures before your first day. You can purchase a parking permit for North Park lots in the Student Services building. If you park in the neighborhood surrounding campus, be sure to watch out for parking regulation signs; several streets are permit-only parking, and others have seasonal parking restrictions.