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Student Activities

Registered Student Organizations

A Registered Student Organization (RSO) is an entity initiated and directed by a group of current North Park students who share a common vision in promoting an extracurricular or co-curricular mission that enriches campus or community life and personal development.

RSOs do not necessarily reflect the views of the University’s parent denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church. To qualify as an RSO, a student organization must be recognized by the Student Government Association (SGA), registered with the Office of Student Activities, and maintain a site on the NPU Student Life Portal, myNPU-Engage, in accordance with the university’s policies and procedures.

If you are already involved in an RSO, you can use this site as a resource for organization management.

North Park has a vibrant community of social, academic, and cultural student organizations. See what they’re up to by attending events, meetings, or being an active member of an organization. On myNPU-Engage you can view a complete list of our Registered Student Organizations via the Organization Directory, a list of RSO Events and Activities or, contact RSO officers directly through their organization page.

Academic and Education Clubs

Many of North Park’s majors offer an academic club or chapter of a national honor society specific to that subject area.clubs are student run organizations that promote development in a particular academic area or discipline. Academic clubs recognize high academic achievement and generally require a demonstrated interest in a particular career or academic discipline; membership requirements may include a certain grade point average, leadership and involvement experience, credit hours, or academic discipline. These groups help you extend your classroom learning and love of your subject to co-curricular activities, like community service, field trips, special research projects, and guest lectures.

  • ALPFA – North Park University
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Beta Beta Beta Biology Honors Society
  • Chemistry Club
  • Christian Studies Organization
  • Educators Rising
  • North Park Club of Professional Engineering
  • North Park University’s Pre-Law Society
  • Philosophy Club
  • Pre-Dental Club
  • Pre-Physician Assistant Association
  • Psychology Club
  • Sociology Society
  • Student Nurses Association
  • Women in STEM

Club Sports

Club sport organizations promote participation in intramural or extramural sports and competitions. Club sports members must have the Waiver and Release of Liability forms on file before they can compete or practice.

  • Allihopa (Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team)
  • Lost Boys (Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team)

Cultural Clubs

The Office of Diversity and Collaboratory for Urban and Intercultural Learning partner with SGA to facilitate the University’s student cultural organizations, providing faculty support and helping students ask big questions and celebrate their heritage. Cultural clubs are student organizations with a focus on advocacy, celebrating diverse backgrounds, and providing education on various social identities (e.g., race, gender, ancestry, personal identity, sexual orientation, etc.)

Social Clubs

Social clubs are organizations that provide social and media outlets for on campus projects and membership. Requirements include a commitment to work for and/or an interest in a cause or project. These organizations also focus on any general area of interest, topic, or special issue including social and political causes.

  • Artists United
  • Commuter Student Association
  • Conflict Transformation Circle
  • Human Values Collective
  • North Park Student Radio
  • Outdoors Club
  • The Freedom Project
  • The Hidden Opponent @North Park University
  • Urban Arts Club

Starting a student organization can be a rewarding experience. By registering your student organization with the Office of Student Activities and Student Government Association, your organization may take advantage of campus resources to promote your organization, recruit members, hold meetings and support other activities.


  • One North Park faculty/staff advisor (can be full-time, part-time or adjunct).
  • Three officers who are current North Park students and each enrolled in at least six (6) credits per semester with minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • Good academic and student conduct standing with the University.
  • Create and maintain an organization profile on the NPU Student Life Portal (myNPU-Engage).
  • Updated version of their constitution uploaded on myNPU-Engage.
  • RSOs each must be unique entities as demonstrated by their mission statements, in memberships, officers, and advisors.

*The Director of Student Activities has the authority to decide if a student organization duplicates and/or excessively similar to other RSO. New cultural club applications must also be reviewed and approved by the Office of Diversity.

  • At least one officer from each RSO must be present at all mandatory training sessions and SGA-RSO Town Hall meetings held 1x per quad.
    • Advisors will attend a separate training offered by the Office of Student Activities.
  • Participate in the Viking Fair (or its equivalent if the name changes).
  • RSOs must renew their organization before the end of the spring semester for the following academic year via the myNPU-Engage.
  • RSOs collecting funds in the form of fundraisers, donations, dues, etc. must deposit funds in the SGA account with the Business office.
  • All financial transactions (including fundraising, purchases, and other activities) must be conducted through use of the SGA accounts with the Business Office.
    • The Director of Student Activities, SGA Treasurer, and the RSO Advisor must approve financial transactions for the RSO. Cultural RSOs must also abide to the rules set forth by the Diversity Office for financial transactions.
  • RSOs are responsible for all account activity in their SGA accounts, including overdrafts.
  • RSOs must abide by financial and all other regulations specified in the Student Handbook and the RSO Handbook.

Steps to submit an application for a proposed RSO

  1. Complete the New RSO Application Form on MyNPU Engage.
  2. The SGA Judicial Committee and the Office of Student Activities will receive the application and review it within 7 days of submitting the form. The review process is to verify if the application meets all the basic requirements for becoming a new student organization.
  3. If approved, the proposed RSO will be added to the SGA Judicial Committee meeting agenda. At this meeting the proposed RSO student officers will present general information about the organization, allow SGA members to ask RSO officers questions about their proposal, and connect the new RSO with SGA sponsors. If the organization is not approved, you will receive and email from the Office of Student Activities detailing the reason.
  4. After connecting SGA sponsors to create legislation that approves the proposed RSO. Included in this legislation should be the RSO constitution, SGA budget proposal, name of advisor, officer roster, and list of members.
  5. Judicial Revision of the final documents for the new RSO. At this time, the SGA Chief Justice and Student Activities office will complete one more review of the draft constitution, budget proposal, advisor, officer roster, and members list before the SGA General Council meeting where members will vote on approving the new RSO.
  6. Final revisions of new RSO documents will be sent to SGA to review with guidelines for approving. Some of these guidelines include: Does the RSO meet the basic requirements for approval? Is the RSO unique to the campus? Does the RSO align with North Park’s community values?
  7. SGA General Council votes on approving the new RSO.
  8. If the RSO is not approved, students have an opportunity to repeal the vote to administration in Student Engagement.

We’ve made managing an RSO easy with the NPU Student Life Portal, myNPU-Engage. This portal is the official site of SGA, Student Activities and RSOs.  All RSO’s are required to actively maintain and utilize their Student Life Portal accounts. This includes but is not limited to maintaining up-to-date information, submitting the appropriate Fund Disbursement Form, and completing the event request submissions for all RSO activities (subject to approval) in the Portal.

myNPU-Engage is a great tool to connect students to your RSO, enhance your organization’s relationship with other RSOs and the Student Government Association (SGA).

How can myNPU-Engage Benefit your RSO?

  • Keeping an updated organization profile with basic information about your RSO.
  • Upload a picture for your organization.
  • List of events & meetings times/dates/locations
  • Social Media Links

Event Management

  • Highlight upcoming events on the homepage or through the event app (Corq).
  • Events posted by your RSO will be visible to the NPU campus (unless you make your event visible to members-only).
  • You can tag events via different categories to help others search for your event.
  • Track attendance and engagement at your events.


  • Use forms for applications, sign-ups for events, or collecting feedback.
  • You can set form reviewers or create logic for forms.
  • Organization Budgeting, Accounting, & Finance Features. Submit SGA budget proposals, funding requests, and purchase requests. View account details such as available funds, budget balance, and transaction information.

Roster Management

  • Utilize the election tool to facilitate officer transitions.
  • Manage active members, officers, primary contact, and advisor information for re-registration.
  • Students can build an “Involvement Transcript” (collection of involvement experiences) through organization memberships.
    • Officers and advisors can have admin rights to the organization page.
    • Allow people to automatically join or, you can enroll students.
    • Make member & officer information private or public
  • Send messages to those who have joined your organization.

Documents Upload

  • Maintain an up-to-date constitution, SGA legislation, or post important dates

2022-2023 RSO Handbook