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The Vista Magazine

The Vista Magazine is North Park’s second student-lead magazine. This online and print magazine is lead by a team of North Park students. The Vista Magazine, also known as Vista, publishes articles every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday featured on their website. Exclusive content on printed magazines will be available twice every semester. Vista covers student opinions on a wide range of political or religious views as well as the literary arts. The Vista Magazine team works under the guidance of Dr. Reinhold Dooley, a faculty member of the English Department.

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History and Future

The Vista Magazine‘s past has yet to be created. The magazine began in the fall semester of the 2017-2018 academic year as a way to expand the sharing of student opinions and thought on campus. The name Vista translates to view or perspective, honoring the vision for the magazine to be a space for student thought and dialogue. Vista Magazine runs on SGA funding and accepts article submissions from any student who wishes their works to be published.

Vista hopes to remain an active publication through many years at North Park University. As Vista grows with the student body, the magazine aspires to become a daily online publication, bringing student written works to students every day of the week. The magazine also prints exclusive, paper magazines and hopes to continue the long-standing tradition of printed media.

— Stephen Nielsen, Editor in Chief, 2017-2019
Ricardo Huerta, Senior Editor, 2017-2018