Students line up on the grass during orientation group activities.

Student Activities

SGA Leadership

Elections for Student Government Association positions are held each spring, and the new leaders typically begin their terms starting just after spring break. The whole student body votes on presidential/vice-presidential candidates, each class also elects two senators to represent their interests and representatives will also be elected during this time. Senators for the incoming first-year class are held early in the fall.

The Executive Committee manages the day-to-day business of SGA and serve as points of contact for all students. They also work with University administrators and the Board of Trustees to represent student interests in broader matters.

2022–2023 Executive Committee

Labrene Efstathiou


Maryam Chaudhary

Vice President

Frank Kalemba


Citlalli Cardenas

Chief Advocacy Officer

Aaron Gonzalez


Bridget Feely

Communications Director


To be elected

First Year Senator

To be elected

First Year Senator

Jaden Perdue

Second Year Senator

Maddie Harter

Second Year Senator

Ayleen Guardado

Third Year Senator

Maggie Buss

Third Year Senator

Emerson Cobbley

Fourth Year Senator

Sammy Constantine

Fourth Year Senator


Samuel Sendejas

Residence Life Representative

David Neitzke-Pizarro

Fine Arts Representative

Hailey Bianco

Religious Life Representative

Ellie Joing

Sustainability Representative

Jenelle Himatay

Academic Life Representative

Andrea Hernandez

Commuter Student Representative

Laura Matias-Gomez

Diversity Representative

Lily Gerow

Transfer Student Representative

Jay Rathod

International Student Representative

Ben Urchell

Student Athlete Representative