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University Ministries

Colombia: Medellin

Winter Break – $2,000

About the Trip

Do you see yourself travelling to the wonderful city of Medellin, Colombia to explore differences in reconciliation and conflict transformation? Then this trip is for you! You will be exposed to eye-opening experiences, grow in your faith, and have the opportunity to take a leap out of your comfort zone. On this trip you will explore the history of Columbia and join the Missionary team working alongside the locals and organizations helping make a positive impact on the communities. These partnering organizations help the people of Columbia obtain necessary skills such as literacy to promote financial security and entrepreneurship. On this trip you will learn from Spiritual leaders, who God has called to do the totally unexpected.

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Partner: Serve Globally of the Evangelical Covenant Church and various non-profit organizations in Medellin.

The ECC missionaries stationed in Medellin, Colombia, are working alongside local organizations impacting communities affected by years of violence and forced displacement. Some of these organizations work with women, others with children, and some with youth. The team will be housed with the ECC missionaries and will partner with them in their daily activities with these groups.