Center for Scandinavian Studies

Guest Lecturers


Johan Nordangard

Dean & lecturer at SVF, Sweden

Presentation of Johan:

Johan Nordangård has hold a position at Södra Vätterbygdens Folkhögskola, SVF in Jönköping, Sweden since 1974. Today he share his work between being Dean of Conferences and being head of the College Line, which is the name at SVF for the exchange program between North Park University and SVF. Johan was the first SVF teacher to come to North Park University in 1977 and from 2010 he is back in the program.

Johan graduated from The University of Stockholm in 1972 and has made supplementary studies at four other Swedish Universities. At SVF Johan has mostly taught Social Science, International Relations, English and History.
Johan is married since 1974 with Britt and had two children with her. In his spare time Johan favours singing in the choir of the Immanuel Church in Jönköping, gardening and likes to travel in Europe.


Jonas Magnusson

Lecturer & adjunct at SVF, Sweden

Presentation of Jonas:

My name is Jonas Magnusson, teacher at the partner school to North Park University, SVF in Swedish town Jönköping. I have been teaching here for about one decade now, mostly Political Science, German, English and Economics. I share my time between SVF and being a church musician in the former state Lutheran church of Sweden. In my spare time I’m engaged in politics and am running for the parliament, being the chairman of the Christian Social Democrats in my region. Traveling and experiencing new people of different culture is one of the things I do appreciate most. Therefor the opportunity of working parts of the year at North Park is something I treasure a lot. As is the Covenant Church near Foster and all the interesting conversations and services celebrated together with people there.