Office of Diversity

About the Council

The Council for Diversity Equity and Inclusion is constructed to ensure the appreciation of campus diversity and the adherence to student, staff, and faculty racial equality.

This council serves as the primary policy advisory group on issues of diversity and racial equality at North Park University and develops comprehensive reports on the success of achieving strategic goals as it pertains to diversity, equity, and inclusion to the campus community. This council serves as a direct advisor for North Park University and the Senior Team as it pertains to diversity, equity, and inclusion policy and procedural decisions.

The Council for Diversity Equity and Inclusion stays abreast of relevant issues including, but not limited to:

  • Recruitment, retention, and promotion of faculty and professional/administrative staff from diverse populations
  • Assessing group-based inequalities and inequities
  • Academic success of a diverse racial and ethnic student body including curriculum, and campus climate concerns
  • Addressing conduct that impedes the educational mission of the University


Reduce the number of incidents of bias on campus

Refer them to the resources and services available.

Educate the campus community about the impact of bias.

Promote initiatives and new ideas that foster an inclusive and welcoming climate at North Park University

Support those who are/have been unfairly targeted or mistreated.


Measured by assessing the tangible progress made towards accomplishing diversity strategic goals as well as monitoring the reduction of incidents of bias.

Strategic goals for shared partnership:

  • Ensure there is institutional commitment and leadership to serve a diverse student body
  • Collect data and conduct evaluations to improve activities
  • Use engaging pedagogies for student success
  • Use evidenced based strategies to recruit, retain, and propel minority students to graduate from college
  • Ensure the adherence to equitable hiring practices of a diverse pool of faculty and staff