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Andrew Lundgren

Assoc Prof of Athletic Training/ Athletic Training Prog Dir

Andrew Lundgren’s arms were in plaster casts when he prepared his college applications, thanks to a baseball injury. Some good came of it, he says. “The injury helped me figure out what I wanted to do in life.”

Andrew had always played sports, and by the time his high school athletic career was ending, he’d spent plenty of time with his school’s athletic trainer, shadowing his every move and running onto the playing field as he assessed injuries. “After spending much of my life on that field,” he says, “it suddenly seemed like those same fair and foul lines wouldn’t make for the worst office space.”

Twenty years later, Andrew now realizes he wasn’t just describing a job. “For me, athletic training is not merely a career; it’s my calling,” he says. Because of North Park’s size, Andrew is able to directly help students find their calling, too. “I have the opportunity to get to personally know our students, and I can then challenge each one individually.”

Andrew can also be seen on the sidelines with the men’s soccer team, providing athletic training coverage. He is currently pursuing doctoral work in athletic training from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.