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Gianfranco Farruggia

Professor of Nonprofit Management

Dr. Farruggia characterizes the reputation of the School of Business’s nonprofit degree as “a force to be reckoned with,” drawing strength from the collegial atmosphere and unique position of North Park in Chicago’s nonprofit world. His students routinely work with local nonprofit organizations on class projects that include volunteering, consultant assessments, gaining board meeting experience, developing evaluation proposals, and developing strategic plans. Dr. Farruggia also draws on local organizations for guest speakers to talk about a range of topics, from their own experiences in the sector to lobbying and government relations.

Dr. Gianfranco Farruggia teaches, publishes, consults, and speaks frequently on management and leadership in the nonprofit sector. He developed this expertise through a long career in the industry, including nearly 24 years at a human services agency which he personally expanded from a single-program to a multi-service organization providing services to youths, adults, and seniors.

Recent Publications

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