Gregor Thuswaldner

As Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Thuswaldner serves as an active proponent of the value a liberal arts education brings to the workforce and prepares students to ultimately land jobs. At North Park, he oversees the College’s thirteen departments, the Core Curriculum, the Honors Program, and CRUX, North Park’s Living-Learning Community. Thuswaldner dedicates his expertise towards increasing the interdisciplinary connections among the humanities, social, and natural sciences. He works closely with North Park’s department chairs to strengthen existing programs and implement new programs to enrich the educational experience for the North Park student studying the liberal arts. Read an interview with Dean Thuswaldner about the importance of the liberal arts here.

Dean Thuswaldner joined North Park in 2016 after serving thirteen years as a professor of German and linguistics at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, where he also was chair of the Department of Languages and Linguistics, senior fellow, and interim director of Gordon’s Center for Faith and Inquiry. At Gordon College, he received the Distinguished Junior Faculty Award in 2006. A native of Salzburg, Austria, he studied German and English at the University of Salzburg, Bowling Green State University, and the University of Vienna. He then pursued and earned his PhD in Germanic Languages from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He also holds a Master’s of Higher Education Administration from North Park University. A committed lifelong learner, he completed certificates in Nonprofit Management (North Park University), Curriculum and Campus Internationalization (Indiana University), Mediation Skills Training (Northwestern University), and Leadership Principles (Harvard Business School). He has published seven books and numerous articles and book chapters on literary theory, linguistics, German and Austrian literature, culture, history, politics, religion, and higher education.

Dean Thuswaldner has written on literature, language, history, religion, culture, politics, and higher education. He is currently working on the Routledge Handbook of Christianity and Culture, a volume on the writer Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989), and cultural history of Salzburg, Austria.

Inspirations & Interests

In his spare time, Thuswaldner enjoys spending time with his family, cooking, baking sourdough bread, and exploring the city of Chicago while taking in the plethora of languages.

Favorite Quote

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”—Francis of Assisi

Recent Book Publications

Russ, Daniel and Gregor Thuswaldner, eds. The Hermeneutics of Hell: Visions and Representations of the Devil in World Literature. New York: Palgrave, 2017.

Brooks, Nicholas and Gregor Thuswaldner, eds. Making Sacrifices: Visions of Sacrifice in European and American Cultures. (Volume 1, Symphilologus Series). Vienna: New Academic Press, 2016

Mitterer, Felix. Jägerstätter. Transl. Gregor Thuswaldner with Robert Dassanowsky (Studies in Central European History Culture & Literature). New Orleans: University of New Orleans Press, 2015

Hofmannsthal, Hugo von. Everyman for Every Child. Retold by Werner Thuswaldner with Illustrations by Julian Crouch. Transl. Pamela and Gregor Thuswaldner. Hong Kong: Michael Neugebauer Publishing, 2015

Thuswaldner, Gregor. Morbus Austriacus: Thomas Bernhards __ Österreich. Vienna:Braumüller, 2011 (2nd ed. Vienna: New Academic Press, 2012)

Thuswaldner, Gregor, ed. Derrida und danach? Literaturtheoretische Diskurse der Gegenwart. Wisbaden: Deutscher Universitätsverlag/Springer/VS Research, 2008

Berwald, Olaf and Gregor Thuswaldner, eds. Der untote Gott: Religion und Ästhetik in deutscher und österreichischer Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts. Cologne: Böhlau, 2007