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John Clayton

Assistant Professor of Old Testament

Growing up as a missionary kid in France, Dr. John Nathan Clayton established a strong sense of calling from God early on, which led him to pursue a biblical teaching ministry. Dr. Clayton integrates his intercultural background and understanding of diverse ministry settings in both the United States and other countries into his classroom. “I bring, by God’s grace, a wide variety of ministry experiences and perspectives on Christian Ministry to my teaching of the Old Testament and of the Bible as a whole,” says Dr. Clayton.

Dr. Clayton appreciates the fellowship, support, and sense of Christ-centered community at North Park. He also values the diversity of students and encourages them to engage in conversation and learn from one another. Further implementing one of North Park’s core values, Dr. Clayton assigns a variety of intercultural readings. He also explains, “The biblical text itself is rich with a variety of cultural and linguistic expressions; this is a significant feature of the Word God has revealed to us.”

Passionate about enabling his students to refine their sense of calling to Christian ministry, Dr. Clayton aims to strengthen their abilities to effectively preach and teach Scripture. He also provides his students with the experiential opportunity to learn and visualize the original historical, cultural, and geographical contexts of the Old Testament through tours at the University of Chicago Oriental Institute Museum.

Favorite Quote

“We don’t to the work of ministry ourselves, the Holy Spirit does, through us.” —My father, John David Clayton

Favorite Spot in Chicago

Wrigley Field is a definite favorite spot. Every year my sons and I try to make it to a Cubs game or two—great father/son memories there.

Interests and Hobbies

I play piano, guitar, and bass, and serve in a variety of music and worship settings at my home church. I also enjoy playing jazz piano with a jazz group that occasionally plays gigs around Chicagoland.

Fun Fact

When I was growing up in France as a missionary kid, I regularly did outreach ministry sketches with a ventriloquist dummy named Alex in churches and at camps. A French-speaking ventriloquist!



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