Michael Walker

Dr. Walker demonstrates a love of talking to people about Jesus when interacting with students in his classroom. Passionate about Jesus’s desire to heal and free humankind, he explores human wholeness and the connection between mind, body, and spirit in Christian churches and in the field of healthcare professions. While teaching biblical and theological courses, Dr. Walker finds that he most enjoys the communal atmosphere of North Park.

Enhancing the learning experience of his students, Dr. Walker provides the opportunity to engage with the city of Chicago. He brings his class to the Swedish Hospital where they speak with chaplains about incorporating Scripture into practices of health and spiritual care. As a faculty advisor for North Park’s Theological Seminary globalization and diversity committee, Dr. Walker shapes experiences for students outside of the classroom as well by planning inclusion related events.

Hobbies and Interests

“Outside of teaching, I read voraciously; I write poetry; I love to exercise, play board games and hang out with friends.”

Fun Fact

“I am a classic rock geek. Name a song written after 1964, and I likely: know who it’s by, know who played bass on it; remember which record it was released on; and/or can sing some or all of the words.”

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