North Park Fund

Meet Brandi S. Sanders S'15

Hometown: Chicago

Degree: Master of Divinity

What brought you to North Park Theological Seminary?

I'm at North Park because it is affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church.I am a wife and mother, originally from the South Side of Chicago, andam striving to complete my MDiv in order to work in ministry togetherwith my husband who just completed his MDiv. I lead the newly formedSeminary Gospel Choir and am involved in the Seminary StudentAssociation, as the liaison for the Globalization and DiversityCommittee.

What are you learning about yourself while studying at the Seminary?

I have learned so much about myself. I have gifts that I neverimagined. While sitting in an evening class my first semester, Ienvisioned myself standing on a stage speaking to a large room ofpeople. That scared me to death! I had only imagined singing, neverspeaking, at a podium. I am now able to speak on things that I wouldhave been too afraid to in the past. I can be and do whatever I want.

What are your future plans and how is North Park making that possible?

I plan to serve in ministry full time. I am not sure what this willlook like, but I am hoping to work side-by-side with my husband, maybeeven in a co-pastor role. The Seminary is equipping me with all that Iwill need to minister God's word to the nations, or even a small townsomewhere.

What would you like to say to supporters of North Park?

Your gifts make it possible for me to attend Seminary. The gift youhave given me is amazing. Had it not been for your generosity, I wouldnot have been able to embrace my gift to teach and preach the word ofGod.

My Favorites

Favorite Thing about North Park Theological Seminary: Realizing that my dreams are possible

Favorite Place on Campus: Helwig Recreation Center; Everyone is there: faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students

Favorite North Park Event: University Gospel Choir concerts

Favorite Class: Old Testament with Dr. James Bruckner