North Park Fund

Meet David F. Potter C'15

Hometown: Akron, Ohio

Major: Conflict Transformation Studies

Minor: Sociology

Why did you choose to come to North Park?

I chose to attend North Park because of its integration of faith, intercultural learning, and large city living. I wanted to deepen my faith and spirituality. And I wanted to do so within a community where I could reflect on my place in the world and how I respond to those around me. Chicago also provides a stimulating urban environment for anyone with intellectual curiosity.

What are you learning about yourself at North Park?

Through the Conflict Transformation Studies program, I have learned invaluable lessons about who I am and how I can be of service to the world. I’ve learned that to effectively serve others, my vocation must be a genuine integration of all aspects of my identity. The most difficult lesson that I continue to learn is that the healing and peace I extend to others must be rooted in what I discover and cultivate within myself.

What are your future plans and how is North Park making them possible?

I hope to cultivate my vocation as a contemplative activist, bringing together my interests in social justice, spirituality, peacemaking, and community. My classes and dedicated professors have equipped me to deeply engage with current social events and learn how I can be of service to the world to bring healing and peace. I’m ready to ask bold questions and grapple with the hard realities of suffering and injustice.

What would you say to supporters of North Park?

The availability of scholarships, grants, and financial aid creates opportunities that make a student’s vision and ambitions possible. Thank you for your support of North Park students and our future contributions to the world.

My Favorites

North Park's three best features:

  1. Our Chicago location that makes it possible to engage with matters of justice and society’s needs.
  2. Professors who are committed to the personal development of students through in-class learning and mentorship outside the classroom.
  3. North Park’s religious heritage that welcomes rich dialogue and diverse expressions around faith and spirituality.

Favorite Place on Campus: The Collaboratory because it is a space dedicated to engaging dialogue and creating a sense of authentic community on campus. And because almost every event hosted there serves incredible, local food!

Favorite Campus Event: Annual services to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Favorite Class: The Sankofa Experience because it is both educational and formational, and requires a deeper understanding of yourself and of those around you.