North Park Fund

Meet Francisco Lopez Malespin C'15

Hometown: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Major: Bachelor of Music in Performance, Cello

Why did you choose to come to North Park?

North Park chose me with the scholarship I was awarded while still in Brazil. When I arrived in Chicago and got to know North Park, it was a great and wonderful surprise.

What are you learning about yourself at North Park?

The experience of living abroad and in a different culture has taught me the most about myself. Everything I'm learning at North Park offers more and different perspectives that are expanding my horizons.

What are your future plans and how is North Park making them possible?

My dream is to go higher than I ever thought I could go and explore my limits. I hope to seek my master's and doctoral degrees and be able to keep studying as long as I can. I also hope to help people and share my experiences and knowledge. At North Park, you learn a lot about community and you easily feel connected to other students and teachers. Being here makes me believe in a world that's more united and connected.

What would you say to supporters of North Park?

You change people's lives, and that is priceless. Giving opportunities to other people is the greatest way to change the world. Thank you!

My Favorites

Favorite things about North Park:

  1. Community
  2. Quality of the music classes
  3. Support from teachers and staff

Favorite Place on Campus: Hanson Hall, where I spend most of my time practicing or in rehearsal. It feels like my second home.

Favorite Campus Event: Threshold, new-student orientation week

Favorite Class: Orchestra or Chamber Music