Career Development and Internships Office

Career Development Office

Graduate and Adult Students

The services of the Career Development Office are available to all North Park students and alumni—at no cost through the lifetime of your career. No matter where you’re at in the career development or advancement process, graduate students, adult learners, military students, and alumni can access these targeted resources to help you make the most of your education and experiences.

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Career Mapping

Career Mapping is a way for someone to achieve career advancement in a current position or prepare for a career change. After identifying your career goals, we help you achieve them by mapping out the specific activities you should do and experiences you need over a period of time.

Job Search Strategies

We’ll advise you on how to best position yourself for a promotion within or outside of your organization, or how to translate your transferable skills to a specific field or sector to help you achieve career advancement. We will examine your work experience, credentials, and professional networks and associations, and recommend how to leverage your relationships for your search. We also help you broaden your search by encouraging you to explore how your specific experience fits in other markets and sectors.

Resume Development

Whether you want to find a new position in your industry or make a career change, we will help you strengthen your resume so you can become more competitive for the job you seek. For more resume assistance, you can review our resume guides and templates.

Interview Preparation

Prepare for your next interview with our customized, two-pronged approach that focuses on research and practice. We offer research techniques to help you assess whether a company or industry aligns with your own values and beliefs and enhance your interview skills with opportunities to practice articulating your personal brand through one-on-one mock interviews. We also encourage you to participate in Mock Interview Day. The biannual campus event features employers and alumni who hold practice interviews with students and provide feedback, while offering an opportunity to connect and network with potential employers.