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Church Planting Certificate Requirements

Whenever possible, the three required courses for the certificate in church planting. should be taken in sequence. The first course, Church Planting Ecclesiology, may be taken as a standalone course prior to admission to the certificate program.
Total Semester Hours: 12

Required Courses (9 sh):

  • Church Planting Ecclesiology
  • Missional Church Leadership
  • Church Planting Pathways

Elective Course (3 sh), choose one from:

  • MNST 5151 Cultural Dimensions of Mission
  • MNST 5212 Introduction to Preaching
  • MNST 6264 Communicating the Faith in the Contemporary World
  • MNST 7306 Evangelism and Discipleship
  • MNST 6280 Mobilizing for Justice
  • MNST 6350 Foundations for Urban Ministry
  • MNST 6122 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • THEO 7203 Christian Worship
  • THEO 6330 Christian Theology – Theological Foundations
  • THEO 7220 Christian Ethics and the Church
  • THEO 6279 The Church and Its Mission
  • Substitute course chosen in consultation with your church planting coach

Class Format

Each of the three required courses—Church Planting Ecclesiology, Missional Church Leadership, and Church Planting Pathways—will be offered as intensive hybrid courses during the January, March, and/or summer sessions in the Seminary calendar. Church Planting Ecclesiology will be taught every January.

Intensive hybrid courses meet in person for one week, with pre- and post-course work to be completed online from wherever you live. Unlike most programs in the Seminary, the in-person sessions for these church planting core courses will be taught at locations across the country, providing the opportunity to explore contextual ministry in a variety of settings.

The fourth course requirement can be taken at any time during the student’s program, choosing from in-person, online, or intensive hybrid formats, depending on the course chosen.