Seminary Academics

Certificate in Missional Health Program Requirements

The Certificate of Missional Health will help students gain a theological understanding of missional health, develop specialized ministry skills, and provide the opportunity to apply their learning to their particular context. The final course will serve as a capstone bringing the principles of missional health to bear on one of the following areas of focus: Congregational Missional Health, Intentional Interim Ministry, Transitions in Church Planting. This program is offered as a 12-credit hour, stand-alone certificate and can also be completed as part of a full degree program including a Master of Divinity.

Total Semester Hours: 12

Required Courses:

  • Missional Opportunities and Challenges in Times of Transition
  • Empowering Mission in Multiple Contexts
  • Spiritual Formation and Practices of Healthy Missional Leaders
  • Missional Health Capstone