Seminary Academics

North Park’s MACM is designed for lay leaders and church staff interested in graduate theological training and is a flexible degree option that will enhance ministry in a variety of settings. It is expected that students are serving in ministry when they apply and continue to serve throughout their degree program. View the full list of degree outcomes in the Seminary catalog.

Degree Requirements

36 academic hours
3 field education hours
Full program requirements

Co-Curricular Requirements

Vocational Assessment
Mid-Program Review
Financial Health Counseling

This degree can be completed in two years, although students may choose to extend the program based on their family needs and community involvement.

Please note: 13 credit hours are required in residence at the main campus.

Bible, 6 credit hours

  • Old Testament I: Pentateuch and Interpretation
  • New Testament I: The Texts and Their World

History, 3 credit hours

  • Christian History I: The Early Church to the Early Reformation (1-16c)

Theology, 3 credit hours

  • Christian Theology

Spiritual Formation, 3 credit hours

The spiritual formation sequence seeks to integrate the ongoing spiritual and academic dimensions of the seminary experience in order to facilitate conscious growth in personal and corporate spiritual life.

  • Journey: The Story of Our Lives
  • Intercultural Spirituality: The Road Together
  • Elective

Ministry, 6 credit hours

  • Ministry Identity and Practice
  • Leading and Teaching in Ministry

Christian Education and Formation and Ministry Electives, 6 credit hours

Students must take a combination of Christian education and formation (CEDF) and ministry (MNST) courses, with at least one three-credit course from each field.

General Electives, 6 credit hours

Cultural Diversity Elective, 3 Credit hours

Field Education, 3 credits

You are required to complete 3 Field Education credits in addition to the 36 academic credit hours required for your degree:

Graduation Requirements

The master of arts in Christian ministry is awarded to students meeting the following requirements:

  1. Completion of a psychological evaluation; successful completion of the Mid-Program Review evaluation.
  2. The completion of 36 semester hours of academic course work, plus 3 Field Education credit hours.
  3. A grade point average of 2.5 must be maintained. No grade under C- shall be counted toward the degree.
  4. Exemplification of a quality of life and commitment suitable for ministry.
  5. No outstanding incomplete grades later than week seven of the term in which they plan to graduate.
  6. Complete payment of all accounts and fees to the Seminary.
  7. Completion of the degree within seven years from the time of matriculation.

More information on these requirements is available in the North Park Theological Seminary catalog.