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February 07, 2018

Advance Your Career with CDIO

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The Career Development and Internships Office (CDIO) is a resource for every student throughout and after they complete their studies at North Park. The CDIO helps undergraduate students match their vocation to major, develop critical work skills, master professional branding, engage in a job search, and network with alumni and professionals.  CDIO staff walk alongside students from their prospective visits, throughout college, and into the workplace.

NP: Who does the CDIO serve?

Bozeman: The CDIO serves all undergraduate students as well as North Park’s graduate students and alumni.  We focus on professional coaching, career mapping, advanced networking strategies, and simple financial planning related to salary negotiations.

NP: When should students connect with the CDIO?

Bozeman: We make every effort to connect with students as soon as they arrive to campus.  We know that our high-performing graduates complete hundreds of hours of volunteer service, internships, career research, professional development, and financial planning.  To inform and support students about best practices, we created the Career Advantage program.  The program lists critical activities for each year of study at North Park, and includes an easy tracking system to help students articulate their accomplishments.

Pamela Bozeman, Senior Director of Career Development and Internships

NP: What is “Career Advantage” and why should students participate?

Bozeman: Career Advantage is a four-year plan, fully on-line, connected to employers and campus activities, incentivized, and is what employers want to see.

NP: Why should students seek internships and jobs during their studies?

Bozeman: According to an on-line source CareerUp, “If you have a relevant internship displayed on your resume, it will give you a competitive advantage over all the candidates applying for the same position. Employers understand that graduates that do not have any practical experience may lack the skills required to excel on the first day of their employment. Employers value internship experience because they provide students with skills that they cannot acquire in a school setting.”

NP: Does the CDIO have a job or internship finder for students and alumni?

Bozeman: Yes, Carer Hub. CDIO staff assist students looking for internships and jobs using several search engines, professional contacts, off-site job fairs, and our own on-line job directory – Career Hub.

NP: What do you wish students knew about your office?


  • The CDIO staff have a cumulative total of 20 years of experience in higher education, 20 years of experience in college admissions and career readiness, and more than 10 years in workforce development.
  • We serve our students and alumni for as long as they need us, free of charge.

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