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November 18, 2021

130 Stories: Kahlil O. Crawford

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Kahlil O. Crawford, G’19, MBA

“Earning my MBA at North Park University gave me a full understanding of how business operates. Previously, I would have business experiences with little or no awareness of their mechanics. However, that changed significantly while learning from Dr. Kasthuri Henry. She invested her personal time in identifying my passions and honing my interests. Her humanitarian approach to accounting gave me a holistic appreciation for business management that I otherwise would not have had. In Dr. Henry’s accounting class, I gained a better understanding of the processes behind financial transactions, how they fit into the larger structure of budgeting, and how that ultimately drives capitalism.

Due to my North Park experience, I now enter business situations with a fully informed awareness of their value and overall significance to the greater good. Therefore, I unequivocally declare that North Park’s School of Business & Nonprofit Management (SBNM) is one of the business world’s best-kept secrets because our community:

  • Embodies humble excellence & strives toward it daily.
  • Values & prioritizes the development of human character.
  • Provides a well-balanced intellectual calm in the eye of today’s ideological storms.
  • Pragmatically integrates the tenets of The Gospel into our collective vision & values.
  • Has an unparalleled commitment to urban education in the City of Chicago & beyond.

We’re celebrating 130 years of North Park community. You’re invited to share your own story at www.northpark.edu/share130


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