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January 13, 2022

130 Stories: Kiera Lane

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Kiera Lane, C’18, Spanish and Biblical and Theological Studies

young woman stands under shady tree“Along with my degree path from NPU, my involvement in Global Partnerships has most impacted where I am today and changed me in evident ways. My many trips to Oaxaca, Mexico shaped me as a global citizen and as a leader. These trips led me to lifelong friends, and to my now husband. They landed me back in Oaxaca, serving alongside indigenous communities in various capacities, and now to pursuing a seminary degree in public ministry, with plans to relocate to Oaxaca post-graduation. Cross-cultural ministry is my calling, and the North Park community fostered this passion and affirmed it.

“The most challenging aspect of being a learner at NPU was my worldview constantly being challenged by peers, professors, and mentors. It was a good and healthy challenge, but none-the-less hard. To me, being a part of the North Park community means being a part of a legacy of learners eager to make the world more beautiful and just. It means celebrating where we’ve been, acknowledging where we should’ve done better, and working towards a more just church and world.”

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