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April 26, 2022

North Park University’s Doctorate of Nursing Practice Candidate Eva Peroulas Takes Swedish Hospital Grant to New Heights

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Eva Peroulas, North Park University Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) candidate, is using a $70,000 grant from Swedish Hospital to fund much needed programs to improve the health of women and their newborn babies in underserved and at-risk populations. As part of Peroulas’ DNP project, an integral learning requirement to earn a DNP, Peroulas set out to focus on health disparities and identifying pressing women’s health issues in the diverse 60625 demographic. With a passion for women’s health, guidance and mentoring from North Park DNP professors, and the financial support from Swedish Hospital, Peroulas is making a difference in one of the most significant stages in a woman’s lifespan—pre and perinatal health.


Eva Peroulas

Energetic, dedicated, and resourceful, Peroulas began her educational nursing journey spanning over 30 years when she watched, in gratitude, nursing staff care for her young son in the hospital for a month and wanted to return the favor to other patients and their families. She soon after earned her associate’s degree in nursing; 10 years later a BSN; a graduate certificate in healthcare management from North Park; 10 years later a MSN; and another 10 years later her DNP. “It’s about leading with example on a personal and professional level,” said Peroulas. A clinical instructor at North Park from 2013-2015, Peroulas believes in continuous learning to understand the full realm of nursing more fully, which she passed on to her daughter who also became a nurse.

As the Director of Women and Newborn Services at Swedish Hospital, Peroulas seeks to help anyone who is in need and to communicate the message that we are here for you. This motto has set Peroulas’ goals in motion and has been benefitting the diverse community that Swedish Hospital serves, representing 60 languages and 17 ethnic centers.

Armed with the $70,000 grant from Swedish Hospital and the mindset that healthy babies and healthy moms are the very reasons for the healthcare system to recognize a return on their investment, Peroulas set out to support every mother-to-be starting with a breastfeeding clinic. “The foundation (Swedish Hospital) is the wind beneath my wings, and they do so much for our community,” said Peroulas.

Lactation Consultation and Doula Services

Peroulas will put the grant to immediate use towards programs marked by long-lasting health and wellness outcomes for mother and baby. After discovering that pregnant women in underserved and at-risk populations are three times more likely to not breastfeed, Peroulas set out to address provider bias, which influences breastfeeding assumptions. With supportive assistance like the breastfeeding clinic at Swedish Hospital combined with lactation consultants on-hand, Peroulas has already seen an increase in breastfeeding rates and a marked improvement in postpartum recovery among new mothers.

In addition, Peroulas will be starting a doula service program (professional labor assistant providing physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period) to help underserved and at-risk populations recover from childbirth and adjust to motherhood.

Addressing Access and Healthcare Inequities

Seeing that provider bias has a far-reaching effect, even outside the immediate healthcare setting, Peroulas instituted a program to provide bassinets and car seats, after finding the SIDS rate to be higher for at-risk populations.

Peroulas’ holistic thinking is on a continuum and with no detail overlooked—from accessing services once already in a healthcare setting to getting to/from healthcare facilities. Cab vouchers are being set aside for patients in need, so they can keep and arrive on-time to health and wellness appointments.

Grooming of Leadership Skills

Described as down-to-earth, warm, hard-working, and funny, Peroulas understands the issues of not being part of the mainstream culture. “Peroulas put information together logically and ran with it beyond all expectations. She is a very passionate, accepting person,” said Dr. Maryann Gierloff, North Park University Associate Professor of Nursing and Director of Graduate Programs.

Peroulas, on track to earn her DNP in December 2022, has built a steady career on the premise that in order to learn it has to be challenging. “I’m really happy I chose North Park. It’s (DNP) not an easy program but it’s a very warm environment and a university that is also like family,” said Peroulas.







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