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June 21, 2022

Official Fulbright Student Victoria Shi Talks with North Park on Her Award

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What does being a Fulbright scholar mean to you?

Shi: What being a Fulbright ETA means to me is to become a part of the community that I’m placed in and to serve the community by teaching English. It’s to be engaged in a continual process of understanding how my own cultural background and identity influences my interactions with the land, culture, and people, and to approach these interactions with openness, curiosity, and sensitivity; it’s to savor new foods and sights and to learn about the history and language of the country; it’s to cultivate meaningful relationships and share experiences and perspectives with those around me and to appreciate living everyday life in the community. Overall, I’m incredibly thankful for this opportunity and it’s an exciting journey that’s really going to change my life.

What was your experience like applying for a Fulbright scholarship?

Victoria Shi: Bellbrook, Ohio Biochemistry and Philosophy, C’22 I've always been a "jack-of-all-trades but master of none." My career interests are varied, but the most consistent one so far is medical missions. My main goal is to be kind and show the love of God to the people around me. This is a crucial time for me to work on talents and think on beliefs, and I am blessed to have the space and opportunity to do so. Thankfully there are faculty at North Park who will do whatever they can to help along the way and opportunities available to gain experience that will benefit my future.
Victoria Shi

Shi: I began the application pretty early in the summer (June 2021) and had finished it while I was studying abroad in Thailand (October 2021). It was a long and sometimes stressful process, but I learned a lot from the experience. I received incredible support from faculty, friends, and family, whether that be pointing me to resources that would help better develop my application, working through different peer review stages for my essays, writing letters of recommendation, or simply giving encouragement and having faith in me to pursue this goal. I couldn’t have done it without the people in my life.

How has North Park prepared you to pursue your future plans?

Shi: The faculty members in my department and throughout the university as well as classes I’ve taken have really shaped my understanding of the world and sharpened my critical thinking skills. They’ve helped me find what I’m interested in and passionate about and given me guidance and assurance throughout my undergraduate education.

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