University Marketing and Communications, in conjunction with the Office of Admissions and other academic departments, develops a yearly advertising campaign that attempts to raise awareness about North Park University, attract students, and increase positive recognition of our brand. To accomplish these goals, all North Park advertising should be consistent in design from publication to publication.

Toward this goal, University Marketing and Communications is responsible for placing and producing all University advertising. In addition, University Marketing and Communications must approve all advertising before it is sent to a publication.

To place an ad, please open a HelpDesk ticket with the necessary information, including finalized, edited copy for the ad. Please be aware that copy will likely be edited to maintain consistency in message and accommodate the space provided. Please submit all advertising requests at minimum 4-6 weeks before the publication's submission deadline. This time is necessary to allow our designers to produce the highest quality ad for your department. University Marketing and Communications reserves the right to deny any advertising request that does not allow for proper production time.

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