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North Park Theological Seminary

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About the Seminary

Central to North Park’s mission is the development of the whole person while studying at the seminary. We believe that theological education is not only about courses in Bible, theology, history, or ministry, but also about providing the tools you need to be missionally effective across cultural, economic, geographic, and gender lines.

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Students come to the North Park for the way we combine spiritual formation, intentional community, academic rigor, and intercultural social justice. We offer pathways for full- or part-time study, in both main campus and distance learning formats. Our Admissions Office will be glad to work with you personally to complete your application, arrange a campus visit, and estimate your costs. If you think the Seminary may be right for you, we urge you to get in touch. We will be glad to help you every step of the way.

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North Park Theological Seminary offers four traditional degrees, six dual-degree combinations with Business and Nonprofit Management, and eight graduate certificate programs. We interweave theology, bible, ministry, spiritual formation, and diversity courses into each degree.  Our certificates focus in on a specific area of ministry and can be done alone or paired with a degree. Our faculty is committed to your success and combines outstanding academic qualifications with practical experience and spiritual strength.

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Financial Aid

At North Park Theological Seminary, our long-standing commitment to keeping theological education affordable is part of who we are. We work hard to provide a tuition rate that reflects the cost of attending the seminary and provide an array of scholarship and financial aid options. Learn more about our robust financial aid options to see how seminary can be affordable for you.

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Field Education

Field Education is a companion to your classroom work at North Park Theological Seminary. These experiences give further context to your studies, help you develop skills for interpersonal relationships in a ministry context, provide practice in communication skills, and develop your insights into ministry organization and procedure. You may also find that your Field Education experiences open your eyes in new ways to areas in which you can grow while strengthening your sense of Christian vocation.

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Community Life

At North Park Theological Seminary, we prepare you to answer your call to ministry through our academic curriculum and the spiritual and practical formation that comes with participating in the community here. We will help you develop habits of study, prayer, reading, health, and fellowship while walking alongside others having a similar experience. Whether you study with us on campus or online, you’ll become an intricate part of our community life.

In this community, you’ll have the opportunity to incorporate what you’re learning into all of who you are. You will become a “smarter” theologian while continuing your development as a person who lives out the gospel.

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School of Restorative Arts

Housed in Stateville Correctional Center and run through NPTS, the SRA offers an MA in Christian Ministry with a Restorative Arts track allowing free and incarcerated students to study together. The foci of the program include positive race relations and cultural differences,  non-violent communication, deepening of one’s faith, servant leadership, and much more. Learn more about this unique program and contribute to the financial sustainability of it through the links below.

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Calendar and Events

Check here for a consolidated view of academic, social, and worship events coming up at the Seminary.

Continuing Education for Covenant Pastors

North Park offers a robust program of continuing education that includes everything from foundational courses necessary for credentialing to many kinds of fieldwork. Distance learning opportunities are available for students who cannot be on campus full-time.

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"From the classroom, to the Church, to the city, to the world, we will help prepare you."