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North Park Theological Seminary offers academic and formational events throughout the year, providing students with access to prominent scholarship, relevant conversations, and a full community experience. Many of our events are also broadcast online and open to the public, providing resources to our alumni, as well as the church and academic communities beyond our campus.

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Nyvall News & Notes

Nyvall News & Notes is a publication of North Park Theological Seminary and exists to connect current students, alumni and friends of the seminary with the happenings of the seminary community. Our goal is not only to distribute necessary information, but to provide a window into the life of North Park Theological Seminary. Visit the Nyvall News & Notes site to read the current issue and browse past updates.

Culture and Belonging: A Public Theology Series

Responding to the invitation of theologian Willie James Jennings (After Whiteness), this series will pursue an ethic of  belonging that builds people toward each other, shared habitation, and ultimately communion. Drawing from the fields of ministry, Bible, theology, and history, we will reimagine communities of belonging through the lens of culture. NPTS  faculty and leading practitioners of Covenant congregations and denominational ministries will collaborate to lead creative discussions integrating scholarship, ministry practices, and formation.

Purposeful Narrative: Engaging the Mosaic of Covenant History 
The Evangelical Covenant Church was founded in 1885 by Swedish immigrants and remained ethnically Swedish through its early history. The past half century, however, has brought significant growth and diversification. Today the  Covenant identifies itself as “a rapidly growing multi-ethnic denomination.” Much of this story remains to be told. In this  panel discussion, members of the Covenant’s Mosaic Commission—Mary Chung March, Juana Nesta, Bryan Murphy,  and TJ Smith—and NPTS history professor Hauna Ondrey will dialogue on the work being done to document this  critical chapter of the Covenant’s story.

Traditioned Innovation: A Public Theology Series

We enter 2021 amid continuing economic and political uncertainties, navigating the layered crises of the COVID-19 pandemic, persistent, and pernicious racialized inequities in church, nation, and world. This complex reality requires all the resources available to us, including a critical evaluation of the past – “traditioned innovation” (L. Gregory Jones) that fruitfully draws from, critiques, and reimagines the past for the needs of the present and future. NPTS faculty and leading practitioners of Covenant congregations and denominational ministries will collaborate to lead creative discussions integrating scholarship, ministry practices, and formation.

Below are links to the recordings of the six Public Theology Events that were held in the fall of 2020 and spring of 2021.
“Pursuing Unity in Church and World” 
“Community Vaccinations: Remembering the Past to Heal for the Future
“#ImpactOverIntent: Today’s Black Theology in Black History Month
“Embodied Worship over Zoom?: The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Online Worship”
“Discovering Signs of God’s Grace in the Midst of Chaos”
Essential Ministry During Pandemics


The Symposium on the Theological Interpretation of Scripture features prominent international scholars and provides a forum for interdisciplinary theology from a biblical perspective. Learn more.


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