North Park University Merchandise

Merchandise Standards

Merchandise and promotional items for the University should be ordered through University Marketing and Communications to ensure the proper use of the official University logo, colors, and other artwork. A request must be submitted to the Publications Project Manager, who will help research, design, and order the merchandise.

Whenever possible, preference should be given to University blue and yellow in the selection of colors for merchandise related to the University. North Park University marks should be rendered in the official University colors or in black. In order to meet the technical demands of the various reproductive media used in merchandising applications, a variety of North Park University artwork is available for use by merchandisers:

  1. The North Park University logo
  2. The Viking ship
  3. Alternate marks approved by University Marketing and Communications, including the cupola seal and collegiate-style North Park University wordmarks

In applications in which the integrity of the logo would be degraded due to limitations of size, process, or quality standards, it is recommended that alternate marks be used. Embroidery applications, for example, cannot hold the fine details in the lettering and art of the standard University logo. Any alterations of marks for merchandise must be done through University Marketing and Communications.

North Park University merchandise should not conflict with the values of the University. Items such as shot glasses are considered inappropriate.