Meet the Faculty

Wesley Lindahl, Dean of the School of Business and Economics

Wesley E. Lindahl

Dean and Nils Axelson Professor of Nonprofit Management

Dr. Wesley E. Lindahl is Dean of the School of Business and Nonprofit Management, working to provide a broad menu of undergraduate and graduate programs to prepare students for lives of significance and service.

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John Born

John Born

Assistant Professor, Head Men's Soccer Coach

With an advanced degree in sport management and 20 years of experience as a coach and athletic department administrator, Professor John Born brings his expertise to lead the new sport management concentration.

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Gianfranco Farruggia, School of Business and Economics Professor

Gianfranco Farruggia

Professor of Nonprofit Management

Dr. Gianfranco Farruggia's expertise in nonprofit leadership has been built by his own long experience in the sector, including nearly 24 years at one organization.

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Mark Gavoor Teaser

Mark Gavoor

Associate Professor of Operations Management

Professor Mark Gavoor’s goal is to bring energy and enthusiasm to his operations and supply chain management courses.

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Ann Hicks

Ann Ownby Hicks

Professor of Accounting

“Accounting is a great business field to get into,” says Dr. Ann Ownby Hicks. “Jobs and careers are plentiful and often are a stepping stone into a company.”

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Chris Hubbard

Christopher Hubbard

Assistant Professor of Management and Leadership

With a background in technology education, business, and theology, Christopher A. Hubbard wants to help his students succeed and think critically about their contributions to society.

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Al Kamienski, School of Business and Economics professor

Al Kamienski

Professor of Finance

Dr. Al Kamienski brings more than 10 years of corporate experience to his finance and economics classrooms, along with a strong passion for helping students develop their unique talents and find success.

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Catherine Marsh, Business and Economics professor

Catherine Marsh

Professor of Business and Nonprofit Management

Dr. Catherine Marsh's courses in leadership and ethics are always energetic and challenging, offering students everything from unique impersonation projects to lively debates.

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Pier Rogers, School of Business and Economics professor

Pier Rogers

Professor of Nonprofit Management, Director of the Axelson Center

Dr. Pier Rogers has spent over 25 years in the nonprofit sector, actively researching, teaching, and leading organizations. She directs the Axelson Center for Noprofit Management, the premier resource for training and tools to the nonprofit sector in the Midwest.

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Pamela Schilling

Pam Schilling

Associate Professor of Business and Nonprofit Management

Professor Pam Schilling introduces her students to the realities of working in finance, accounting, and strategy in the business world so that they are ready for successful careers throughout the industry. 

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Lee Sundholm, School of Business and Economics professor

Lee Sundholm

Professor of Economics

“The School of Business and Nonprofit Management welcomes all students to the study of business and economics under the guidance of professional and committed professors who are eager to share their knowledge,” says Professor Lee Sundholm.

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Brian Vollmert Teaser

Brian Vollmert

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Throughout his 20-year career in education and marketing, Professor Vollmert has aimed to show students that “marketing is a critical function of nearly all types of organizations,” he says.

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