Lee Sundholm

Lee Sundholm, School of Business and Economics professor
Professor of Economics

At North Park Since: 1967

“The School of Business and Nonprofit Management welcomes all students to the study of business and economics under the guidance of professional and committed professors who are eager to share their knowledge,” says Professor Lee Sundholm. Himself an alum of the program and a longtime economics professor at the University, Professor Sundholm speaks with strong conviction and clear passion on the subject. “Students and faculty work together in building lives of significance and service,” he adds. “We offer students the opportunity to grow in wisdom and knowledge based on a commitment to learning.”

His professional expertise is woven closely with his own faith and commitment to North Park’s identity as a Christian university that welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds. “Faith begins and ends our spiritual life, and forms the foundation of our earthly existence,” he says. “Faith is brought to the classroom by building a strong base of trust and mutual respect for all students in each class session, and through a dedication to guiding and transforming lives. In these ways, we teach the eternal values of a life based on faith.”

Professor Sundholm brings an interdisciplinary approach to teaching economics and international business. “The study of economics brings together a number of other disciplines,” he says, “including history, mathematics, and political science.” In Development of Economic Thought, students not only study the history of the subject, they consider contemporary applications through service-learning projects that involve the economic development of the North Park and Albany Park neighborhoods. They routinely survey business leaders and property owners in the community, collecting data and developing economic conclusions that can be applied to current situations.

As part of his advising duties, Professor Sundholm assists students in planning internship experiences in Chicago and around the world and serves as the faculty advisor for North Park’s chapter of the Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business Administration. His involvement with students and commitment to their success was recognized in 2006, when he received the Zenos Hawkinson Award for Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership, an award given by students to honor those professors that have made significant impacts on their academic careers and lives outside the classroom.

Professor Sundholm has traveled extensively on study trips in recent years, including to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and South Korea. His research interests include global economics, gender differences in the labor force, women in management, and contemporary macroeconomic analysis and issues.


  • PhD, Economics, Northern Illinois University
  • MA, Economics, DePaul University
  • BA, Economics, North Park University

"Students and faculty work together in building lives of significance and service."