Add depth and focus to your business major by choosing from one of the six concentrations listed below. With a concentration (or more than one), you’ll earn a bachelor of science (BS) degree and complete an internship that will provide valuable first-hand experience and networking opportunities in your chosen field.

Accounting major


Learn the “language of business” and the intricacies of communicating and keeping track of financial information. You’ll master mathematical formulas and practices to help companies maintain financial health and comply with financial standards. Learn more.

Economics Concentration


Analyze the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and how to apply those learnings to human behavior and interaction within communities. You’ll be prepared to excel at jobs in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Learn more.

Finance concentration in the School of Business and Economics


Prepare for careers in the fast-paced world of finance by learning how to think critically, listen carefully, analyze challenging situations, and apply the appropriate strategies to real-life financial issues at the personal and organizational levels. Learn more.

Management concentration in the School of Business and Economics


Prepare to be a leader in business or nonprofit with classes in human resources, operations and information technology, entrepreneurship, and strategic management. Graduate ready for an upwardly mobile position in an established company—or ready to start your own small business. Learn more.

Marketing concentration in the School of Business and Economics


Start your career in brand management, market research, customer relations, or sales with private companies or nonprofit organizations. You’ll be prepared as a leader grounded in ethics and with an understanding of our diverse and global world. Learn more.

Sports Management concentration

Sport Management

Prepare for careers in professional sport management, college and high-school athletic departments, park and recreation programs, health clubs, sports media and marketing, and nonprofit sports and fitness organizations. Learn more.