Meet the Faculty

Becky Nelson, Dean of the School of Education

Rebecca Nelson

Dean and Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Rebecca Nelson works with all of the School of Education’s programs, including undergraduate and graduate teacher education, principal preparation, and continuing development for licensed teachers. “It’s an honor to walk alongside students,” she says. 

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Angie Bartolomei, Education professor

Angelyn Balodimas-Bartolomei

Professor of Education, Coordinator of ESL Endorsement and MA in Literacy, Language, and Culture

For Dr. Angelyn Balodimas-Bartolomei, North Park’s values are easily incorporated into her courses. “All of my classes focus on multiculturalism,” she says.

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Dr. Spring Cooke

Spring Cooke

Associate Professor of Education

Students in Dr. Spring Cooke’s classroom will be asked to think deeply about the calling of a teacher and the intersections of the subjects they teach.

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Whipp Johnson

Whipp Johnson

Assistant Professor of Education, Coordinator of Secondary and K–12 Programs

Professor Whipp Johnson views teaching as a combination of practice, profession, and calling. “Becoming a teacher is a wonderful choice, and it will take both hard work and persistent commitment,” he says.

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John Laukaitis

John Laukaitis

Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. John Laukaitis enjoys integrating faith into his classes. “I hope to provide a richer experience whereby students can understand the importance of having a strong moral foundation for their professional lives,” he says.

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Ida Maduram, School of Education Professor

Ida Maduram

Professor of Education, Coordinator of the Elementary and Early Childhood Programs

Dr. Ida Maduram believes the clinical experiences in the education program are one way students to “learn from the extended classroom of Chicago.”

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Diana Majercyzk

Diana Majercyzk

Assistant Professor of Education

With a nearly-30-year career in elementary public education, Professor Diana Majerczyk came to North Park eager to work with future school leaders. “We take great pride in supporting candidates for successful entry into educational leadership,” she says.

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Sally Pryor, School of Education professor

Sally Pryor

Associate Professor of Education, MA in Educational Leadership Coordinator

Dr. Pryor’s classes emphasize the importance of ethical leadership. “Students will discuss real-life situations that leaders face every day as they work with diverse student bodies,” she says.

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Ted Zervas, Education professor

Theodoros Zervas

Associate Professor of Education, MA in Teaching and MA in Education Coordinator

An expert in comparative and international education, Dr. Zervas is also an avid traveler and served as a visiting professor at a university in Mexico. He brings his passion for multiculturalism to the classroom.

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