Meet the Faculty

Linda Duncan, Dean of the School of Nursing

Linda Duncan

Dean of the School of Nursing and Professor of Nursing

Dean Linda Duncan recommends the nursing program for its commitment to excellence, focus on primary care, and the development of knowledge and skills that enable graduates to work with diverse populations.

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Joan Andrea

Joan Andrea

Associate Professor of Nursing

Professor Joan Andrea helps nursing students learn to communicate more effectively with patients and practice real-life medical scenarios using the resources in the Nursing Simulation Lab.

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Maryann Gierloff

Maryann Gierloff

Associate Professor
Coordinator, MSN Leadership and Management Track

Amidst major changes in the nursing profession and the healthcare industry, Dr. Maryann Gierloff prepares students to develop the skills that nurses need to shape the future and improve the health of populations.

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Jean Benevich, Nursing professor

Eugenia M. Benevich

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Teaches: Community Health Nursing

Wanda Kay Burns

Wanda Kay Burns

Assistant Professor of Nursing
Coordinator of the degree-completion program for RNs

Wanda Burns is passionate about preparing nurses to meet the demands of their profession with solid skills, leadership abilities, and cultural competence.

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Mary Chase-Ziolek

Mary Chase-Ziolek

Professor of Health Ministries and Nursing

As a faculty member in both the School of Nursing and the Theological Seminary, Mary Chase-Ziolek integrates her faith in her work and makes connections between faith and health.

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Cheri Coakley

Cheri Coakley

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Cheri Coakley teaches her students to evaluate and treat the spiritual needs of patients as well as their physical and psychosocial needs.

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Janet Cullen

Janet M. Cullen

Visiting Assistant Professor of Nursing and Biology

Students in Professor Janet Cullen’s biology and nursing courses will never be “just a number” and will always receive encouragement to move towards their God-given potential.

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Trudy DeWaters, School of Nursing professor

Trudy DeWaters

Associate Professor of Nursing, Coordinator of Advanced Practice Nursing

Trudy DeWaters incorporates her research focus on gerontology and her belief that spirituality, faith, and care are important in nursing practice into hands-on learning opportunities for her students.

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Heather Duncan

Heather Duncan

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Heather Duncan is a self-described “urbanist” who appreciates the ability to engage with students with the city of Chicago. She also leads a trip to Zambia, where nursing students can gain international experience.

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Karla Fogel

Karla Fogel

Associate Professor of Nursing

Regularly incorporating the role of healthcare ethics throughout her teaching, clinical, and research experiences, Karla Fogel provides real-world opportunities for her nursing students to see how the health profession addresses ethical issues in patient care.

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Margaret Kotowski, School of Nursing professor

Peggy Kotowski

Assistant Professor of Nursing

North Park University’s small and involved nursing community and the ability to get to know her students well drew Peggy Kotowski to the school, where she works to ensure her students get the training and encouragement they need to be successful.

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Dimitra Loukissa, School of Nursing professor

Dimitra Loukissa

Professor of Nursing

Dimitra Loukissa, who enjoys getting to know her students on an individual basis, says North Park offers a dynamic, personalized program to those who want to excel in the nursing field.

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Terri McCreedy

Terri McCreedy

Visiting Assistant Professor of Nursing

An alumna of North Park University’s graduate nursing program, Professor Terri McCreedy trains every student to become an important part of a health care team and a leader in the field of nursing.

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Suzen M. Moeller

Associate Professor of Nursing for Health Sciences

As faculty in the new health sciences program, Dr. Suzen Moeller is preparing students for non-clinical career paths in health care.

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Helene Pochopien

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Professor Helene Pochopien provides opportunities for her pediatric nursing students to learn how to care for children both in and out of the classroom.

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Christine Smith, School of Nursing professor

Christine Smith

Associate Professor of Nursing

With an interest in the health care of underserved communities, Christine Smith invites her nursing students to work alongside her at a local shelter providing health education courses and has served as advisor to a student mission trip to Mexico.

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Ching-eng Wang, School of Nursing professor

Ching-Eng Wang

Associate Professor of Nursing

Teaches: Nursing of Adults II (Clinical), Nursing Research

Janice Zeller

Janice Zeller

Professor of Nursing, Director of Graduate Program

Janice Zeller brings extensive experience in nursing research and education to the classroom, helping her students develop strong research skills.

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