Meet the Faculty

Boaz Johnson, Biblical and Theological Studies Professor

Boaz Johnson

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Dr. Johnson is an authority on evangelicalism and world religions, and the Hebrew Bible. Having grown up wrestling with injustice in the slums of New Delhi, he enjoys guiding students through life’s big questions.

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Bradley Nassif, Biblical and Theological Studies professor

Brad Nassif

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

As a leading expert on the relationship between Orthodox and Evangelical Christians, Dr. Nassif gives his students an integrated approach to Christian education. He is passionate about dialogue based on integrity and mutual respect.

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Joel Willitts

Joel Willitts

Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Dr. Willits’s students read the Bible and theology in the contexts of North Park’s urban, multicultural setting, and of God’s big world. His areas of expertise are the New Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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Mary Veeneman

Mary Veeneman

Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

After graduate school in the Bronx, New York, Dr. Veeneman knew that she wanted to teach in a school that valued its urban identity as well as the wide range of cultures, religions, and traditions of its students.

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