Why study English?
Why Study English?

Studying English is more than just reading and writing. Understanding language, its impact on individuals and communities, and the cultural and historical significance of literature is a vital part of living and working in a global society. Both literature and creative writing concentrations help you develop critical thinking and reasoning skills so you can become an excellent communicator and leader. These skills will prepare you for careers in many settings, including nonprofits, media organizations, schools, and businesses around the world. 

Why Choose North Park University?

Why North Park?

We offer a close-knit community that will inspire your creativity and promote your development as a person. Your coursework will engage the city of Chicago, as well as global perspectives, so you can dig deeply into your chosen concentration. Our dedicated faculty will serve as your advisors and can help you identify internships, study abroad options, or other opportunities that will help you reach your career aspirations. Choose from two concentrations—creative writing or literature—with the option to pursue a second major or pre-professional track.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Liza Ann Acosta’s creativity bleeds into her classes as she uses a variety of literary forms—and her own love of theatre—to explore the world through writing from around the globe.

Learn more about Dr. Acosta and the English Department faculty.

Liza Ann Acosta, English professor
Expand Your Study in the Humanities

All English majors, both creative writing and literature concentrations, join students in other humanities disciplines in choosing an elective 12-semester hours of study in philosophy, history, and art, along with their major and Core Curriculum coursework. These disciplines will enrich your understanding of both reading and writing, as well as the interplay of thought, reasoning, and creativity across these disciplines.

Honors Congress

Each year, North Park University invites a select group of students to join Honors Congress. These students study with faculty from across the University, and challenge each other in both classroom and extracurricular activities to prepare for lives of significance, service, and exceptional achievement. Students who complete the Honors Congress program graduate with honors and distinction in their chosen majors. Learn more.

Creative Writing
  • Express your creativity and build connections between the visual and tactile experiences of our world through the discipline of creative writing.
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  • Focus on your love of reading while developing the skills of a creative and rigorous thinker, effective communicator, and flexible problem solver.
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