Reinhold J. Dooley

Ron Dooley

Professor of English

It’s the students that keep Professor Reinhold Dooley at North Park University. “I teach here because of the students,” he says, “and because North Park is a Christian university that focuses on teaching. It allows a wide range of belief among its faculty without diluting its Christian identity. It is this range that allows us to be effective educators of the broadest spectrum of students.”

His courses open up dialogue among all students, reading and thinking critically about literature together and in the context of Chicago and the diverse campus community. “We want students to appreciate how literature impacts and enriches their lives,” he says, “how it allows them to better understand themselves and the people and the world around them.”

Professor Dooley teaches the American, modern, and postmodern literature courses in the major, as well as a student favorite, Film and Literature. Students in these courses are required to find evidence of modern and postmodern impacts on the city and culture by analyzing architecture, public art, museums, and cultural icons. “I take students to Michigan Avenue and do a semiotic reading of the Apple and Disney stores. We analyze the unintentional (and intentional) messages that are encoded in these businesses,” he says.

The skills students learn in these (and other) literature courses are the ones that will carry them through to any career at any place that requires thinking, Professor Dooley says. “I appreciate that North Park affords students of all types access to a transformative, values-based education.”


  • PhD, English, University of Tennessee

Publications and Presentations

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"We want students to appreciate how literature impacts and enriches their lives."