Meet the Faculty

As an interdisciplinary program, the global studies major encourages students to take classes in a number of different disciplines. These faculty are just some of the many you may encounter in global studies, teaching some of the foundational courses.

Joseph Alulis

Joe Alulis

Professor of Politics and Government

Joe Alulis’s International Politics course will challenge you to think beyond our American system of government, exploring political relations among nations and the topics of security, power, diplomacy, and efforts to establish and sustain international society.

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Anne-Marie Andreasson-Hogg, Scandinavian Studies professor

Ann Marie Andreasson-Hogg

Professor of Swedish

Choose to focus your language and area study on Swedish and Scandinavian studies and Ann Marie Andreasson-Hogg will introduce you to a unique part of the world while preparing you to think globally.

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Boaz Johnson, Biblical and Theological Studies Professor

Rajkumar Boaz Johnson

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies

Rajkumar Boaz Johnson walks along students as they encounter society through World Religions, grappling with the big questions of life while experiencing the breadth of faith practices present around the world.

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Jennifer Morrissey, French professor

Jennifer Morrissey

Assistant Professor of French

Explore the French-speaking world with Jennifer Morrissey as you develop both language skills and cultural competency that could take you to countries from Africa to France.

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Lida Nedilsky

Professor of Sociology

Lida Nedilsky’s global sociology courses help students develop as independent thinkers, researchers, and decision makers—skills they can use anywhere in the world.

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Linda Parkyn, Spanish professor

Linda Parkyn

Professor of Spanish

Linda Parkyn teaches Intro to Global Studies, where she brings a desire to introduce the global world and to create a learning environment that challenges students to learn from scholars around the globe through a study abroad experience.

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Mary Trujillo, Communication Arts professor

Mary Adams Trujillo

Professor of Communication Arts

Mary Adams Trujillo teaches communications and conflict transformation studies courses that offer global studies students a combination of service, experiential learning, and cultural immersion to help them engage with the world.

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