Gregory Clark

Greg Clark, Philosophy professor
Professor of Philosophy

At North Park since: 1994

In addition to the school’s intimate size, city location, and emphasis on good teaching, Dr. Gregory Clark feels North Park’s diversity benefits his philosophy classes. “North Park embraces diversity while maintaining its own distinct identity,” he says. “That diversity affects the classroom; it is important that not everyone thinks alike in a philosophy course.”

Dr. Clark makes an effort to bring different viewpoints together by fostering interesting experiences and lively discussions. “Philosophy grounds students in important, fundamental, and long-lasting conversations,” he says. “It also provides models and strategies for thinking about things that are so novel or so profound that we might naturally not know where to begin.”

He is committed to experiential education and connecting students with different neighborhoods in Chicago, making intentional use of the city through field trips to some of it’s unlikeliest places—an archery range for his zen and archery class, a bicycle repair shop for a course in the Core Curriculum program, a nature center for the philosophy of nature course, and an intentional Christian community for the class with the same name.

Classroom discussions range from topics of faith to the ideas of ancient and modern-day philosophers, but he is ultimately teaching his students how to think about and ask questions.

“Philosophy teaches you to question the answers everyone gives; it teaches you to question the questions everyone asks,” he says. “Philosophy will teach you how those questions have been pursued before, and, when you come upon new questions, it will give you the habit to not be intimidated and the strategies to pursue those new questions too.”

Dr. Clark specializes in philosophy of nature, 20th-century European philosophy, phenomenology, hermeneutics, and philosophy of time. He is the sponsor of the Mixed Martial Arts Club.


  • PhD, Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago
  • MA, Philosophy, Loyola University Chicago
  • MA, Theology, Wheaton College Graduate School
  • BA, Philosophy; Biblical Literature, Wheaton College

Recent Publication

  • Gregory Clark. "The Art of Sitting Quietly." Traditional Bowhunter Magazine. (December-January, 2013).
“Philosophy teaches you to question the answers everyone gives; it teaches you to question the questions everyone asks.”